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Blessingway Crystal Mandala Kit
This beautiful crystal kit is designed to enable you to create your own Blessingway centrepiece or alter. It includes one large rose quartz crystal (4.5-5'' in height) to symbolise unconditional ...
Cleansing Smudge Stick
These Beautiful hand-rolled smudge sticks incorporate homegrown lavender, cleansing sage and heavenly palo santo wood. They can be used as part of your private nurture ritual or group ceremony to ...
Mother’s Nurture Pack
This lovingly created Mother's Nurture Ritual Pack includes a hand-swaddled smudge stick of home-grown sage, lavender and heavenly scented palo santo wood, a natural, honey scented, beeswax candle for your ...
Mother-to-be Blessingway Pack
We create beautiful Blessingway Packs to guide you through a nurturing ceremony for a mothers-to-be. Our 'Blessingway' provides a beautiful alternative to a baby shower; bringing you and your friends ...