Group Flower Mandala

Enter a Midsummer’s dream of fresh flowers and intoxicating floral scents. Experience the ephemeral beauty of nature through seasonal, native flowers and the meditative and grounding process of the spiritual mandala. Enjoy a creative, bespoke and intimate group session of peaceful and sensory flower play and let your cares drift away in a sweet floral zephyr.


Your chosen group will spend a day in our Devon moorland retreat space creating a beautiful fresh flower mandala to the nurturing vibrations of the gong.  After creating your group mandala with fresh blooms, seasonal fir cones and foliage you will feast on bespoke sharing food platters. This day can be tailored to suit your needs. Maximum 10 people.

Vashti is a Flower Artist who has been working with flowers for many years and previously ran Bella & Fifi specialising in local, seasonal and ethical flowers and creating flower couture. Vashti is committed to using the beauty of flowers in inspiring, creative and therapeutic ways. Bella and Fifi’s social arm recycled fresh flowers to create mandalas with groups of people for therapeutic benefit.