Mama’s Robozo Massage


This massage lasts for one hour. It will begin with a short and meditative sound bath including gongs and chimes to induce a relaxing and dreamy state. This massage is recommended for women who are over 6 weeks post-natal. This session is based in Montpelier, Bristol and can be booked at your convenience.

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This bespoke, nurturing massage (known in South America as Closing the Bones) is designed for post-natal women. It is a soothing and binding experience designed to gently encourage the pelvic bones back together again post-pregnancy. The mother is rocked gently back and forwards using a Mexican Robozo shawl, followed by a beautiful and warming abdominal massage using nurturing oils. Finally the Robozo shawl is used to wrap her hips, holding her in a beautiful and nurturing posture.