Mother-to-be Blessingway Pack


We create beautiful Blessingway Packs to guide you through a nurturing ceremony for a mothers-to-be. Our ‘Blessingway’ provides a beautiful alternative to a baby shower; bringing you and your friends together to celebrate motherhood through nurture and empowerment.

The pack includes a handmade natural flower crown for the mother-to-be, 5 small clear cleansing quartz crystals and 1 large rose quartz crystal, a hand-swaddled smudge stick of home-grown lavender, white sage and rose buds, 1 natural and handmade ceramic bowl for the mother’s blessings, some natural twine, 3 feathers, some English delphinium petals, a natural, honey scented beeswax candle for the ritual, 1 bottle of organic rosewater, 1 jar of natural rose and lavender dead sea salts for the mother-to-be’s post-natal bathing ritual and a hand-dyed muslin cloth for your ritual centrepiece around which you will gather to give blessings through this nurture ceremony. A full guide is included in the pack to help take you through everything you will need to know to host your Blessingway.

20% of profits from these kits will go towards nurture for our partner charities.

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This kit is a beautiful gift idea for a group of friends wishing to give nurture to a mother. Whoever you wish to nurture, personalised messages can be included within the pack. Our packs are lovingly and beautifully wrapped and can be delivered to host or mother-to-be.

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