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Women’s Gongs and Sound Bath
This session will last for one hour and will begin with a short consultation. During this one-to-one time you will be serenaded by beautiful and magical sounds of these unique ...
Mama’s Robozo Massage
This massage lasts for one hour. It will begin with a short and meditative sound bath including gongs and chimes to induce a relaxing and dreamy state. This massage is ...
Women’s Smudge Stick Making
Come and create heavenly scented smudge sticks using you favourite herbs, flowers and crystals. Learn about their healing properties and enjoy making these beautiful fragrant bundles before taking in their ...
Women’s Flower Crown Making
Come and join us for a magical day of fresh flower crown making at this hidden Montpelier gem. We create bespoke groups for you and your friends, playing with fresh ...
Blessingway Crystal Mandala Kit
This beautiful crystal kit is designed to enable you to create your own Blessingway centrepiece or alter. It includes one large rose quartz crystal (4.5-5'' in height) to symbolise unconditional ...
Cleansing Smudge Stick
These Beautiful hand-rolled smudge sticks incorporate homegrown lavender, cleansing sage and heavenly palo santo wood. They can be used as part of your private nurture ritual or group ceremony to ...
Group Flower Mandala
Enter a Midsummer’s dream of fresh flowers and intoxicating floral scents. Experience the ephemeral beauty of nature through seasonal, native flowers and the meditative and grounding process of the spiritual ...
Wellbeing in the Workplace
We offer a menu of tailor-made wellbeing sessions to suit the needs of your employees. We can offer wellbeing either in your workplace or at one of our beautiful partner ...
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